Unfortunately, fall will officially be here before we know it.

Just over three weeks from now, fall will be officially here. Pumpkin spice lovers are thrilled, but golfers and camping enthusiasts are not. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it as time stops for no one.

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Even though summer coming to a close, there are a lot of great things to do in Michigan in the fall. One of the best things, football season is back! From high school to college to the NFL, there will be no shortage of games in the upcoming weeks.

One of the best parts of the fall season is the food. No, I'm not talking about pumpkin spice. As far as I am concerned, it is chili season! There is nothing better than a big bowl of chili, a cold corona, and a football game or bonfire. You can't beat it.

Of course one of the most notable and beautiful things, when fall rolls around, is the changing of the leaves. As much as I love summer, the fall season takes a close second. We really do get to see the true beauty of Michigan. If you are anywhere near social media this time of the year, you know your feed is just flooded with families taking their yearly photos in the fall.

With that said, here are eight great places to gather the family for some family photos in the fall. Big thanks to my friends at Centennial Image Photography for sharing some great spots to get those awesome photos.

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