Last weekend in my neighborhood I saw multiple families standing in their front yards taking pictures with kids that were all dressed up and heading out to prom. You just see these kids looking so happy and you just hope they play it safe.

Students at Fenton High School recently produced a powerful video about the dangers of drinking and driving. They did a fantastic job of driving home the important message to kids that a simple night of fun can end in tragedy.

Let's be honest kids can be dumb and not think about their actions. I was that dumb kid when I was 16 years old and I crashed and totaled my first ever car into a tree after making some really bad decisions. Luckily I wasn't hurt in the accident and was able to walk away. That's not the case for a lot of kids (and adults) that decide to drink and drive.

I think the message can be used for distracted drivers in general especially those that text and drive. I see kids and adults constantly texting and driving and it pisses me off.

Hats off to the kids that made this video.

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