Frost tomorrow morning, and hopefully that will be the last one until fall. We’ve been experiencing unseasonably cool weather the past two weeks, but now we’re headed for a stretch of “normal” temperatures for our area at this time of year. I know for a fact I’m ready for shorts and a t-shirt kind of weather, and I’m sure you are too. Days where you can hang out on the deck with a seltzer and some tunes soaking in the sunshine and warm temperatures.

Forecasters day the last two weeks of May will bring us weather that’s perfect for most folks. With the dryer weather pattern this year I’ve experienced easy mowing in our yard, most years I’m fighting damp grass well into June. Not this year, and forecasters are saying an inch of rain would be helpful right now, but that won’t happen over the next 7 days. In lieu of rain we have to put up with sunshine, light winds and warming temperatures. I think most of us can deal with that.

MLive reports

The long-term average high temperature for the next week is 67 degrees to 72 degrees from north to south across Lower Michigan. Look at the high temperature forecast each day for the next week. Almost all locations will hang right in the normal range of upper 60s and lower 70s. It’s rare for seven days in spring to not have much temperature swing.

Still chilly in the morning, but no more frost. And if you live along Lake Michigan or Lake Huron you will enjoy a nice lake breeze mid afternoons. With the current lack of rain, we’re hoping for some next week, as with the sunshine and warm winds this week it will dry out what is already parched soil.

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As the weeks continue we get closer to summertime weather, when it really heats up outside. I’m ready for some steaks on the grill and smores by the bonfire. This is the kind of weather Michiganders live for.


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