Michigan expungement laws are changing and you could be able to get some red marks off your record.

Many people in Michigan that have certain red marks on their record may soon be able to get them expunged. Coming up on Wednesday, June 2nd, Genesee County will have its first Expungement Fair to help those people navigate through the process.

Depending on what offenses you have on your record, there are now checklists that you can use to help determine if you are eligible to have those convictions expunged from your record.

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Expungement checklist for misdemeanor marijuana offenses.

  1. Obtain a certified copy of your misdemeanor or local ordinance marijuana conviction.
  2. Create or fill out an application to set aside the conviction.
  3. Attach the certified copy of your conviction to your application.
  4. Mail or personally deliver the application packet to the court where the conviction occurred.
  5. Serve a copy of the application on the agency that issued/prosecuted your case.
  6. Await an answer from the prosecuting agency.
  7. If that agency does not file an opposition within 60 days, the court then has 21 days within which to issue an order granting your application.
  8. If that agency does file an opposition to your application, the court has 30 days from that time to schedule a hearing.
  9. Click here for more steps to follow depending on steps seven and eight.

For other misdemeanor and felony offenses, click here for the steps to follow.

I really hope that many people will try to get some of these offenses expunged from their record. We have all made mistakes in life and it's awesome that many can now put them behind them.

Source: Michigan.gov

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