Take a drive through the heart of Downtown Flint in the 1950s with this recently uploaded to YouTube home footage that gives us who weren't around back then a little more perspective on just how much things have changed in the once booming city.

Many people who've grown up in Flint, myself included, have only a vague remembrance (or none at all) of when the city wasn't a boarded-up shell of its former self. Don't get me wrong, there are still great things about Flint and I love living here. However, I've always found myself drawn to pictures of old Flint. Whether it be in the Davison Rd. Arby's or on the wall at Starlite, wherever there are pics of Flint's past, I end up staring at them wondering how the things in the city used to be.

My grandmother used to tell me stories of going Downtown and taking the trolley -- there was a trolley? -- to all these places I'd never heard of in Downtown Flint. In contrast to your usual "back in the day" stories, she always managed to make it sound incredibly cool.

Thanks to Gordon Young, Flint native and author of 'Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City,' we get a fascinating look at the Downtown area, as well as life itself, in the 1950s. Young received the home video via his Flint Expatriates site from Janelle O' Malley, another former Flint Resident.


What Life Was Like in Flint in 1955 [VIDEO]

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