Avalon Black dropped a new track today and it is killer. Full disclosure I listened to it three times in a row on my way to the station this morning and I am listening to it again as I type. I can't wait for you to listen to it and tell me what you think. It is definitely a softer sound for the band, but don't get it twisted - it still rocks.

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The song is called 'Cradle to the Casket' and for someone who does not normally have feelings - this song got me in the feels. I have just decided from here on out, that if anyone has to give me bad news, I want you to tell lead singer Jordan Orvis first so he can in turn sing the bad news to me. Why? Because his voice can make even the worst news sound like great news.

This particular song may surprise Avalon Black fans because it is a different sound for the band, I asked guitarist Kris Kress about the song and the meaning behind it,

The song is a bit of a departure from our normal hard rock sound that people might expect. It's okay to explore your sensitive side every now and then.

Cradle to the Casket is about how hard life can be without people that care about you. It's about how good people can shield us from life's bitterness. When the choir kicks in at the end of the song, that represents volunteering oneself to be that good person who helps, protects, and lifts others.

The song is definitely an emotional journey and a message that should be out in the world at the moment.

Congrats to Avalon Black - Jordan, Kris, Taylor, and Jed, the song is awesome. I for one am hoping to hear the song live for the first time at The Machine Shop on April 29th. If you don't have tickets to that particular sold out show, you can see Avalon Black live at Rock 4 Vets with Nonpoint on Saturday, August 27th in Farwell, Michigan.

'Cradle to the Casket' will be my favorite Avalon Black song until the next Avalon Black song. Check out the lyric video below.

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