Unfortunately, another business along Dory Highway in Flint has decided to close its doors for good.

Burger King on Dort Highway in Flint is permanently closed.

Earlier today, a few people on social media posted about the closing. Before making the announcement we wanted to find out for sure that they weren't closing for repairs or something like that. I called the restaurant and the woman that I talked to confirmed the news. She said they were closed permanently.

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The restaurant will now join many other businesses that have closed for good along Dort Highway.

Burger King was located at 3625 South Dort Highway, next to The Machine Shop.

Why Did Burger King on Dort Highway Close?

It's unclear at the moment why they made the decision to permanently close.

Honestly, I believe they would have closed years ago if not for the business they were getting from Machine Shop concertgoers. That's just my personal opinion. I know I spent many nights in that drive-thru line like so many others after a Machine Shop concert.

It's a real bummer to see another Flint business close its doors for good.

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