Flint’s GLASS EMPIRES have released a new music video for their song ‘Friday Night Special’. The song was recorded live from The Machine Shop at my 45th Birthday Bash which also featured Wilson, Avalon Black & The Messenger Birds (1/18/19).

The sound was pulled straight from the soundboard, courtesy of Jon Tanner. Vocalist E’tienne Cousineau explains: “We had 4 or 5 Go-Pros set up on stage kinda last minute, along with one of our people shooting with a camera on a gimbal in the crowd. I was just recently able to put it all together and it turned out pretty cool, it really captures the great vibe that we all had that night.”

GLASS EMPIRES is currently in the studio working on their next single, ‘Copper Horse’. No shows currently booked, but look for the band at a venue near you this summer.

Be sure to check out their other single ‘Shackles’ below.


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