If you're a fan of bands like Chevelle, 10 Years, A Perfect Circle and Deftones...Flint's Glass Empires is right up your alley.

GLASS EMPIRES was formed in late - 2016 by Drummer Adam Delahaye (A Murder of Crows), Guitarist Rob Horn (Avenue Sky, A Murder of Crows), Bassist Chris Warden (Avenue Sky) and Vocalist E’tienne Cousineau (Autumn Coma).

The band combines heavy, low-tuned riffs with beautiful melodic hooks - which serve as the foundation for Cousineau’s raw and captivating vocals. The unique balance of these elements is what makes GLASS EMPIRES a stand-out Michigan band.

They recently released their song 'Shackles' prior to the video which can be seen above. According to the band, the song is about the vices and excuses we make for ourselves that cause us to repeat the same mistakes cyclically and never progress. It is the internal dialogue of someone who despite wanting to change- remains shackled to their involuntary actions or perspectives. The concept comes from my own struggles and thirst for growth as a person.”

This is the second music video that Cousineau has directed, the first being AUTUMN COMA ‘The Ghost of Witness’ which also premiered on the Banana website in December of 2013 and can be seen here.

Glass Empires make their Machine Shop debut on September 21st opening for Pop Evil. The show is totally sold out but you'll have an opportunity to win tickets on the Banana in the coming weeks.


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