I know it can hard to believe some things that we write about but you just can't make some of this stuff up even if you wanted to. Especially things that happen in Florida. What is the next weird news out of the sunshine state you ask? Well, this one may take the cake. Or burger in this case.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office arrested 30-year-old Kyle Jones because he “wanted it his way,” by slapping his girlfriend in the face with a cheeseburger while she was sleeping. According to authorities Jones slapped her with the tasty burger and imminently woke her up. The girlfriend said in a statement that he became more violent once she was fully awake. When the police arrived they discovered the girlfriend covered with food. Talk about a food fight.

Jamison is being charged with battery and I'm going to take it won't be visiting the golden arches anytime soon or getting back with his girlfriend.

Source: rare.us

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