Is it wrong to be happy for someone and super jealous at the same time?

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A Genesee County woman recently hit the jackpot. The woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) won $1000 a week on a $2 Cash For Life scratch off ticket. Yes, a two dollar scratch off. I didn't even think people won more than a buck on a $2 scratch off. Apparently I was wrong, very wrong.

According to NBC 25, the winning ticket was purchased in Swartz Creek at the Admiral gas station on Miller Road. I bet if you were recently in there, and also bought a Cash For Life lottery ticket - you are wishing it was you that won.

I cannot even remember the last time I bought a scratch off ticket, or a lottery ticket in general. I used to play at least once a week, especially if there was a giant jackpot. I would always tell people 'you can't win if don't play', maybe I should practice what I preach?

As far as this particular winner goes, she did indeed take advantage of the one time cash payment option of $1.1 million instead of annual payments. I would do the same.

I think when I leave the station tonight I will be stopping to grab a lottery ticket and a few scratch off tickets. Why the hell not? You know the saying - you can't win if you don't play. You might find this hard to believe, but I would make an excellent rich person. I bet you would too.

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