Man, it's a hot one.

Get ready, because yo ass about to get COOKED this weekend! That's right, summer is here and it's about to get buck nasty this (sort of) holiday weekend.

Quick sidebar: isn't 4th of July on a Wednesday the worst? Seriously, do you celebrate the weekend before or after? Both? I don't think a consensus has been reached on that yet. What are the rules?

Anyway, like I was saying, all that heat we were praying for during the seemingly endless winter -- we're about to get it... all at once. The forecast for most of Michigan for Fri-Sun might as well be a picture of Satan himself, because it's going to be hot as Hell. Just check out this weather map for the Thumb area and try not to immediately bust a sweat.

Weather Map

Things are looking pretty gnarly in West Michigan as well, where the heat index could reach 105º. Those of you headed up north for the weekend won't see much of a reprieve either, if any, as weekend temps are expected to range from the low to high 90s as well.

So if you have outdoor plans for this weekend, like most Michigan humans do, make sure you cake on that sunblock and stay hydrated. Also, try not to bitch about it too much. Whenever you get the urge to start complaining about the heat, just think back to a few months ago and enjoy this summer while it lasts. At least you don't have to put on six layers of clothing to shovel the heat off of your driveway.

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