The Grand Blanc Township Police Department introduced its new bicycle unit on Monday. 

As citizens move throughout Grand Blanc, many will start to see a couple of new police "vehicles." Grand Blanc Township Police Department has added a bicycle unit to their patrols. Sergeant Belanger and Officer Webb will take to the streets on bicycles to keep an eye on the parks, special community events, shopping centers, and subdivisions.

These two officers have recently completed a 32 hour school and are now certified through LEBA, which is the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association. Not only will these officers be on patrol, but they also hope to host community rides and bike rodeos for the kids.

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I am very glad to see this happening right now. My current apartment in Grand Blanc actually faces the bike path that runs through the city. I see so many families riding their bikes along the path, packs of runners training for the Crim, and the everyday person out there getting exercise throughout the city. The layout of the city is one of the best things about it if you ask me. From downtown restaurants, the bike paths, and Bicentennial Park, there is so much to do.

My daughter and I actually saw Sergeant Belanger and Officer Webb a couple of times last night while they were out patrolling. We took a walk on some of the paths by the middle school and then made our way over to the big hill at Bicentennial for a bit of exercise last night. With so many people out hanging out with friends and going to baseball and softball games, it's nice to see that they care and are stopping to see and meet people in the community.


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