This is certainly not the best news for those of you that commute over an hour or more to work. According to Patrick De Hann, a gas expert (that sounds weird) prices at the pump will be rising soon in Michigan - if not already.

Michigan is not the only state heading for an increase, it appears Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky will see a price increase as well. To be honest, I had not realized that gas prices have been down? Have they been? I have not paid less than $3 dollars and some odd change a gallon in a long time. I don't go out searching for gas under $3 dollars, I did not think it existed. I just pay whatever the price is, it's not like I have a choice.

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Maybe you are someone who already does research to find the cheapest gas prices? I have never been good at that. The only time I get gas is when my 'Low Fuel' light comes on. I hate stopping for gas, so by the time I am about to run out, I have no choice but to stop at the closest gas station regardless of the cost.

I don't complain - the bottom line is if we want to use our vehicles to go somewhere we have to purchase gas. Do with this information what you wish. Will I be stopping for gas on the way home from the radio station tonight? No way, I still have a 1/2 tank.

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