After a little office prank I pulled yesterday, a lot of people were left with the impression that Maggie Meadows is preggers. I figure it's my duty to clear the air, so here is what's really going on.

"Hell no" is the answer to the title of this article. Here's what happened:

The other day Maggie left her computer unlocked while away from her desk, which is a big no-no around here because of all the jokers we work with (myself inculded). She just happened to leave an article she was writing open, where she makes it very clear that she's never really wanted to have kids. I thought it would be funny to add one sentence to the bottom that contradicted all of that, so I added this:

"By the way, I'm pregnant."

Just as I suspected, she did not notice before publishing the article. I was quite pleased with myself so I told Chris Monroe and Tony LaBrie about it. Tony mentioned it on air, which you can hear below:

Once that hit the air, you can imagine all of the messages Maggie started getting. On top of the picture included here, people were posting all kinds of things on Facebook... here are a few of the highlights:

Poor Mags. Luckily for me, she was a good sport about the whole thing. Once she started getting texts from family, I was pretty sure I crossed a line. Now all that I can do is wait for the revenge that I'm sure will be coming.


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