This morning I went through a McDonald's drive-thru to get a coffee. For our convenience there are two lanes for us to order. This is where things got ugly.

As I stated above, I was only getting a coffee. The vehicle on the inside lane, ordered AFTER I did. How do I know? I heard him place his order. As vehicles moved forward, I was able to pull forward. According to the jerk beside me I took cuts. How the eff do you take cuts? I had ALREADY placed my order. The next step is to pull forward. This guy was having none of that! He screamed out his window at me, yelling that the orders would be screwed up. I told him to calm down, I ordered before him.

This very loud conversation/screaming match (with both of us still in our vehicles), went on for a minute or two. That changed as soon as I heard him call me a "f---ing bitch." I immediately jumped out of my car and asked him if he wanted to fight a girl. He looked quite surprised and responded "No!" I am not sure if he was more surprised that I got out of my vehicle, or that I was actually a girl? Nonetheless, he kept bitching at me. That just fired me up more. I remained outside of my car telling him to "f--- off, that it is only food."

As I predicted, me pulling up to the window first did not throw McDonald's for a loop. My order was correct. Duh! As I pulled ahead to leave, I gave this a-hole my middle finger. He then pulled up next to me and I pretended to take his stupid picture. The dope did not like that at all, he whipped into traffic and out of my life.

So, needless to say - it was not a great morning. I do however wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else? Is there double lane drive-thru etiquette? I always thought the steps were as follows:

  1. Order
  2. Pull Ahead

Never did I think the rules were:

  1. Order
  2. Wait to make sure the dumb ass next to you, that ordered AFTER you, goes first so he can shove a burger and fries down his big dumb throat.

Choke on that a-hole!  Ba da da da da - I am loving it!

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