It looks like Grand Blanc won't be getting a new Chipotle restaurant after all. At least not in the location where developers originally wanted it.

Back in September, we told you that the new restaurant would be located on the corner of Saginaw Street and Bush Avenue in the vacant lot next to Rite Aid. It would have been a brand new 2,300-square-foot building...if plans were approved. It would have been the perfect spot (in my opinion).

According to a woman on the Grand Blanc Nextdoor app, Chipotle pulled out of its deal with the city.

Nextdoor app user:

Chipotle has pulled out of their deal with the City to build on the corner of Saginaw St and Bush Avenue!!!

I'm not sure how reliable the source is or where she got her information but after posting her comment, other Grand Blanc residents chimed in as well.

They pulled out because there are title issues on the land that the seller and city need to clear before anyone can put something there.

One woman was still hopeful Chipotle would still find a home in Grand Blanc.

I thought the location was problematic but hope that Chipotle’s finds another location in the area. Their food is fresh, fairly healthy, and I have liked everything I have ever had there.

As you can imagine, everyone on the thread had an opinion and there was a lot of back and forth on the topic. It's impossible to please everyone that's for sure.

Personally, I would love to see another option for food in Grand Blanc. However, I would prefer something with a more sit-down type of atmosphere but at this point, I'll take what we can get.

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