I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm about ready to pack up the family and try to find a warm, sunny place to chill for the next 30 or 40 years.

I've lived through 37 of the 38 Michigan winters that have occurred since I've been on this plane of existence. Before spending my 21st winter season in a sleepy little town just outside of Nashville, Tennesee called Hendersonville, I loved Michigan winters. They symbolized all the fun winter activities I loved, like sledding, skiing, and playing hockey. However, I was no longer a youth that partook in those activities and one extended peek over the fence at the much greener (and snow-free) grass on the other side was enough to suck all of the residual magic out of Michigan's winters for me.

Now, I'm in the twilight of my 30s, staring down what is hopefully the tail end of Flint, Michigan's snowiest winter (as of today) and I find myself asking, "Do I really want to endure another one of these?" And it's not just the severity of this winter that has me feeling this way -- it's the frequency that the voice in my head says "F--- this s---!" It's increased exponentially and gotten much louder over the last 14 winters, 5 of which (highlighted below) are among the 10 snowiest this city has seen since they started tracking this sort of thing.

The 10 Snowiest Flint Winters On Record

10. 2008-09 -- 72.8 inches
9. 1964-65 -- 72.9 inches
8. 2004-05 -- 73 inches*
7. 1951-52 -- 75.3 inches
6. 1975-76 --  76.6 inches
5. 1966-67 -- 78.6 inches
4. 2007-08 -- 82.8 inches
3. 1975-75 -- 82.9 inches
2. 2013-14 -- 83.9 inches
1. 2017-18 -- 84.5 inches (as of 4/15/18 @ 10:04am)

(Source: Mlive)

*Due to the title of the article, I should probably mention that I was actually in Mount Pleasant for the 2004-05 winter, but the snowfall totals were pretty close to Flint's that year so I'm counting it.

I love Michigan summers, and I love raising my kids near where I grew up. I love my family and friends being nearby. I love my house... there are a lot of things I love about living here. However, for the first time these awful, never-ending winters have me seriously thinking about walking away from The Mitten.

There was a stretch of this winter where I was pretty depressed, and not having any experience with or knowledge of depression, I wasn't even aware of it. I didn't even realize it until I was driving to Qdoba for lunch one day and I was suddenly in a really great mood for no apparent reason. When you've been at the bottom for long enough, you forget there's a top. So when the good mood hit, I figured out that I had been living inside of a bad one... and for quite a while.

Once I got out of the truck, I figured out what was causing these unexpected good feels -- the sun. It was the f---ing sun. It was the first time I'd seen the sun and felt its warmth in I didn't know how long. I thought to myself, "This is some real bulls---, Michigan."

There's not much of a point to this article, so I'm sorry if you've been waiting for some kind of profound resolution to this story. I'm just sick of this on-again-off-again winter and I wanted to bitch about it for a minute. I also wanted to let others who have been struggling these last few months know that they're not alone and we're almost out of the woods. Plus, I always relish an opportunity to remind the folks that old-splain how school never got canceled for them back in the day that their winters were weak af compared to recent years.

I probably won't leave Michigan, and hopefully, we have at least a few light winters on deck. We've certainly earned them. Until then, summer is on the way to make me forget all about this article and I'm ready to do all the things -- cook on the grill 4-5 nights a week, play horseshoes and cornhole, sweat, drink beer on a boat, go camping, sit by the fire pit... Bring it on, Michigan Summer. Oh, how I've missed you.

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