I love Starlite! In fact, I ate there with my kids just hours before this late night brawl that had girls throwing napkin dispensers and sugar shakers at each other.

It's no secret that the occasional late night altercation goes down at Starlite Diner & Coney Island. Hell, a lot of my friends jokingly call it "Star-fight." The reality is that it's about 15 feet outside of Flint and it's open 24 hours -- s*** is going to hit the fan every once in a while. That's why the owners are responsible and have security on hand to deal with people who come directly from the club at 2:15a and start problems, and the police, as you can see, respond to their calls pretty quickly.

I don't want to sound like I'm bashing Starlite -- I freaking love that place! They have some of the best burgers in Flint, their coneys are on point, and the meat lover's breakfast skillet is probably going to give me the diabeetus because I eat it way too much. However, there is a reason I don't go there past 10p anymore. Dealing with the kind of nonsense that happens in this video is a young man's game. Stop fighting at one of my favorite grub spots, you guys.