Today marks the 18th anniversary of Linkin Park’s monumental debut album, Hybrid Theory. To celebrate one of the most impactful, viciously catchy and commercially successful albums of the 21st century, we’ve compiled its 10 most epic moments into this Loud List.

There’s no heavy album from the 2000s with more memorable choruses than Hybrid Theory. The monster crescendos of “Crawling,” “In the End” and “One Step Closer” remain instantly recognizable nearly two decades later, and the piercing screams of Chester Bennington still cut to the listener’s core.

Of course, we had to show some love to Mike Shinoda’s bars. The push and pull between Shinoda’s rapping and Bennington’s singing was the heart of Linkin Park’s music and will be sorely missed as Linkin Park potentially move forward. Some of Shinoda’s finest moments come in Linkin Park’s most memorable verses, like “Papercut” and “With You.” Mike has always been a rapper focused on flow and atmosphere, so we did our best to highlight those definitive moments.

Ignoring Linkin Park’s instrumental section would be a crime, so we made sure to give the boys some love as well. DJ Joe Hahn takes center stage on “Cure For the Itch” with some killer scratching and mixing. We also made sure to include the huge breakdown in “A Place For My Head,” which sets a heavy foundation for Bennington’s screams and Shinoda’s rhymes.

Check out the 10 Most Epic Moments From Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory above. Revisit and celebrate the 18th anniversary of Linkin Park’s debut album here.

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