A New York resident actually punched a girl who was saving a parking spot for her boyfriend and put her in a coma.

The victim was trying to save the spot for her boyfriend, when Oscar Fuller appeared and things turned ugly.  Fuller wanted the spot.  The conversation over the parking spot became so heated Fuller punched the woman who reportedly hit her head and fell INTO A COMA.  After hitting her Fuller fled the scene.

Damn!  I have been pissed if someone gets to a spot before me or cuts me off for a good parking space but I would never throw down over it.

Fuller claims the woman, Lana Rosas, threw the first punch.  Rosas remains in a coma today (this incident occurred in February).  Oscar Fuller is 35 years old and weighs 150 pounds.  The victim stands 4 ft. 11 inches and weighs 100 pounds.

The grand jury indicted him yesterday on one count of felony assault in the second degree.

I am sure neither party expected an outcome this severe.  Another example to think before you react.