Hideo Kojima is back behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise -- we knew all that retirement talk was B.S. -- and has dropped an awesome 10-minute look at the next step in the saga's evolution, 'Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes."

For the fifth (technically sixth if you count 'Peace Walker,' and you should) installment in the 'Metal Gear Solid' series, game creator Hideo Kojima will take place a handful of years after the events of 'Peace Walker.' For those of you that missed that one, it was the continuation of Big Boss' (the original Snake from which Solid Snake was cloned) story from MGS3. SPOILER ALERT: By the end of 'Peace Walker,' we found Big Boss with his own army, base of operations (Outer Heaven) and a nuclear-capable Metal Gear named Zeke. It looks like 'Ground Zeroes' may finally bridge the gap between then and the events of the original 'Metal Gear.'

There are a number of questions that are raised by the new trailer, which looks amazing running on current-gen specs with Kojima's still unfinished update of the Fox engine. Perhaps the most interesting question is, who is that dude with the burned face? Could it be Snake's MGS3 foe Colonel Volgin back from the dead? Maybe it's his right hand man Paz from 'Peace Walker' after befalling some accident or battle injury. Truth is, it could be anyone.

We also wondered if the caged child referred to as a "soldier," could be a young Solid Snake. Seems unlikely, but this area of the Metal Gear timeline is kind of untouched as of yet. Anything is possible.

Chances are that we won't find out the answers of these questions for some time, as the game is probably still a few years out. The latest rumors say that the game will adopt an open world set up, but check out the game for yourself in the cinematic and extended gameplay trailers below. In no time you'll be saying "Revengance what?"

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer

Entended Gameplay Trailer