Last year, Michigan's House and Senate saw the introduction of a significant proposal known as the Multimedia Jobs Act. These bills, which have gained attention through social media platforms like TikTok (yes, really), aim to use state tax incentives to boost Michigan's media production industry.

Former Mid-Michigan Now anchor and current TikTok user, @davebondy, raised concerns about whether Michiganders should foot the bill for movie production:

@davebondy Do you think you should be paying for the production of a movie in Michigan? #Movie #FilmCredits #Entertainment #Hollywood #News #NewStory #MichiganLegislature ##EconomicPolicy ♬ original sound - Dave Bondy

While social media buzzes, let's dive into the facts. The bills can be broken down into two parts:

Part 1: These bills propose a tax credit system to encourage local commercial production within Michigan. This aims to stimulate economic growth by attracting more advertising projects to the state.

Part 2: Similarly, the bills propose tax credits for film, TV, and streaming productions made in Michigan.

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The goal? To make Michigan a more attractive destination for these industries, potentially bringing in jobs and revenue. In simpler terms, both parts offer tax breaks to entice companies to create commercials and media content in Michigan, which could bolster the state's economy. According to the Macomb Daily, these bills prioritize Michigan-based companies hiring local talent. Here’s what else they propose:

  • A base 25% tax break for in-state spending, with an additional 5% for including a "filmed in Michigan" logo.


  • Production spending requirements of at least $50,000 for smaller projects and $300,000 for larger ones.



  • A 30% tax credit for hiring Michigan residents and 20% for non-residents.



  • Strict criteria for Michigan vendors, including physical presence, inventory, and full-time employees.

While these bills have been in discussion for years, their future remains uncertain. For now, they're a hot topic — but whether they'll be passed into law remains to be seen. But hey, if Will Ferrel wants to shoot a Semi-Pro sequel in Flint, that's cool with me.


For more detailed information on the bills, check out

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