Apparently, we're now living in a world where you get attacked for simply showing your support for the men in women in blue.

A Rochester man recently went through this after a man followed him into his home.

According to WXYZ, the victim said a man walked up to his driveway on Gerald Ave. and was harassing him about having blue lights on the outside of his house in support of police.

The man allegedly said, "the cops know where the white b****es are at." Then he followed the victim into his home and threw a punch in the back of his head right before walking out and breaking a window.

The Oakland County Police did a search of the area and found a man that fit the description. He took off while the officer was trying to arrest him. He didn't get far because the officer tasered him and then managed to make the arrest.

The 24-year-old suspect was charged with first degree home invasion and resisting arrest.

All of this because he didn't like another man showing his support of law enforcement. WTF!?

This whole thing makes me so freaking mad. Some people think they can act however they want, whenever they want. Hopefully, this loser learned that's not how it works.

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