I feel like a terrible pet owner because honestly, I've never once thought about putting together an emergency pet supply kit. Now, in my defense, it's probably because we don't deal with a lot of situations that call for an emergency kit (knock on wood).

According to ABC12, June is National Pet Preparedness Month and the Michigan State Police say it's important to put together a supplies kit that contains the following items:

• Pet food, water and bowls
• Pet carrier, leash and collar
• Photo of your pet or ID and a photo of you with your pet
• Immunization, veterinary records and pet medications
• First Aid Kit
• Contact list of pet-friendly hotels, veterinarians, and out-of-town friends and family
• Toys, rope and sanitation bags

This is really is a good reminder for dopes like me to be more proactive when it comes to protecting our pets. From now on I will make sure my dog and ferrets have an emergency kit.

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