Ok, so I'm all about motorcycles and their right to be out on the road as much as the next guy. I also think that in the summertime people should just expect bikes to be out on the road and thus drivers should look twice before making a move or lane change.  But this, well this is a little different. This guys just being a douche. Check out this dash-cam video from Russia that shows a man on a motorcycle cutting off a car. Then for some reason he slams on his brakes, the car NAILS him, and he ends up in a pretty nasty crash. Although, maybe I 'm seeing this wrong. Maybe the car just sped up. it's hard to tell. So, what's your opinion? Who was being the douche here? Did the car intentionally hit the dude on the bike? Or did the rider brake check the car and cause the accident? (And yes, that IS "Russian gangsta rap" the drivers listening to.)

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