Earlier today (Aug. 10) at QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda and id Software revealed gameplay footage from DOOM Eternal. Anyone familiar with the gaming series knows about the ultra-violence DOOM brings forth, but DOOM Eternal looks like the most vicious and bloodthirsty installment to-date.

The gore and gamescape of DOOM Eternal remains in the style of DOOM 2016, but far more ridiculous in every way. The demons are more elaborate, your guns are more malevolent and the worlds are, according to the developers, 10 times more detailed in terms of geometrics and texture fidelity than the last DOOM game.

Let’s get to the part you really care about -- the brutality! You won’t have to switch to your chainsaw anymore to chop demons up, because you’ll have a retractable blade on your left arm available for slicing and dicing at all times. The super shotgun also has a new grappling hook feature that’ll snatch your enemies and rush you toward them for the kill shot.

As for the demons, classic characters like the Arch Vile, Arachnotron and Pain Elemental have returned, having been left out of DOOM 2016. There’s even a few new bad guys DOOM will debut with Eternal. The music seems to take the same heavy and metallic route of the last game, so we’ll be looking forward to that soundtrack.

DOOM Eternal has not yet received a release date, but you can watch new longform gameplay footage above.

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