So this past Saturday night I was lucky enough to take Danial Martin of Flint backstage to meet Ozzy Osbourne!The whole day was great.  We headed down to the Palace on board a Mobile Boogie Party Bus.  Danial and I left the group to attend a private party before the show.   Soon enough we were escorted out of the party and on our way to meet the "Prince of Darkness".

Danial and I were super excited!  When Ozzy walked in the room I freaked.  Not on the outside, we had to keep it together obviously but it was super exciting.  It was just nuts to be in the same room with him.

He was funny just like he on television.  Ozzy does not hold back.  He had the room cracking up.

Congrats again to Danial Martin!  You never know, you could be our next big winner!

Danial Martin & Ozzy!
Ozzy & Maggie

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