We just wrapped up "Knot Your Best Tattoo" with Strange Daze not too long ago, so you've probably seen how bad some tattoos can be.  When it comes to illegal or home tattooing, you can not only end up with a awful tat, you can also end up with a nasty infection that can cause serious health problems.  Sign the petition to help put a stop to illegal tattoos.

It's pretty obvious that everyone at Banana loves ink.  Some of the most beautiful pieces of art that I've ever seen have been proudly displayed on skin and those pieces of art have been put there by a skilled professional, in a sterile and clean environment.  There are a ton of great spots in Mid-Michigan to get tatted, but there are also a ton of basement scratchers, who are giving tattoos and tattoo artists a bad name.

You can help bring attention to the problem of illegal tattooing by signing the petition to Reform Michigan Body Art Laws by clicking the link.  The petition will go directly to the state congress and will hopefully help put an end to the dangerous practice of illegal tattooing.  If you appreciate the art of ink, and I know most of you do, do your part in making sure that tattooing remains legal and safe.

If you have more questions about illegal tattooing or the petition, the good people at Who's Your Donny Tattoo Company would love to help you out.