They need to throw the book at this a-hole in Detroit. 

On Friday, Detroit police officers and the Michigan Humane Society were investigating a possible dog fighting ring on the east side of Detroit. Officials arrested a 29-year-old Detroit man after finding 30 dogs and different equipment used for dog fighting. The dogs and equipment were recovered from four different locations and the dogs had injuries that matched those of dogfighting. The man will be arraigned today in the 36th District Court. The charges include animal fighting, cruelty to animals, gun possession, and more.

There is a special place in hell for people like this. Anyone who takes advantage of the weakness of others, human and animal alike, is the lowest form of living being on the planet. Hopefully, all the charges stick and he will go away for a long time.

I really hope that all the dogs found can be rehabilitated and not put down.

Source: ABC 12