Ok, this is just flat out gross. I feel a bit nauseous just writing this story. But, here we go. A German born woman Identified simply as Miriam was on a British TV show to talk about how she began to sprout think facial hair after giving birth to her son 28 years ago. She then claims she use to pluck the hairs out with tweezers everyday. But after doing that for 20 some odd years she grew tired of it and decide to just let it grow out. Miriam adds that since shes let it grow shes never felt sexier and hoping to find love soon. OK, that does it. I gotta go leave my stomach contents in a trash can.(Barfing noises) Ugh. Ok...ok.. I think I'm good now. But I don't think I can continue telling this story. You're just gonna have to watch the video. By the way, thanks to this story I have a new found love and appreciation for all the little things women do to make themselves beautiful. Thank you, Ladies.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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