A couple of school crossings guards were hit twice in just two days this week while escorting students in Davison.

According to ABC12, A crossing guard got hit at M-15 and Clark Street while helping students cross on their way home Wednesday afternoon. Another crossing guard got hit at Clark and Main streets Thursday morning helping students get to school.

Here's the real kicker, both drivers fled the scene. How in the hell do you live with yourself when you hit a crossing guard in front of children and then just take off? There's no way those drivers were unaware they hit someone. I guarantee both drivers weren't paying attention because they were looking at their stupid phones.

If you drive in that area in the morning and feel like you may have hit something...you did, a person. Just turn your dumb ass in and be accountable for your actions.

Both crossing guards are expected to be okay.

The Davison City Police Department plan to put officers in the area to help keep everyone safe.


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