Skindred vocalist Benji Webbe got into a frightening altercation a few days ago. On the way home from a party, Webbe and his girlfriend were attacked, with Webbe suffering slash wounds to his face and neck.

Benji Webbe has been mixing hard rock and reggae together with Skindred ever since the Welsh band formed in 1998. Webbe also released his first solo album, I Haven't Been Nicking in Ages, in 2015.

Benji posted a photo of the damage done to his personal Facebook page on Jan. 30:

He also shared a photo of his stitched up neck after a couple days of healing:

"Thank you all so much for all your concern and well wishes, makes all the difference and means the world to us, as you can imagine this is been quite an ordeal!" Webbe wrote shortly after the attack. "Julie fortunately was not physically hurt but the whole thing has taken a toll on us both for me to be slashed across the face and the throat. For Julie to be dragged around and spat at by a group of women who glassed me, Just know that we will rise above this and remain positive and in love. Newport is my home town and I still love it and the community we have. Big up!

Webbe also posted the lone message, "Forgive and live, s--t happens."

Skindred's latest album, Volume, dropped in 2015.

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