These guitarists are so fast they almost break the laws of physics. From neoclassical shredders to modern experimentalists, we rounded up 10 stupidly fast guitarists from the metal world.

Does anyone have a smoother legato than Buckethead? Plenty of fans know the masked axeman from Guns N’ Roses, but it’s his solo discography that’s most celebrated. Having released over 300 studio albums, Buckethead is likely the most prolific guitarist in history, and his impeccable technique has made the musician a modern legend.

Before ALS tragically halted the career of neoclassical master Jason Becker, he was one of the greatest guitarists in history. The Cacophony genius sped his way through Speed Metal Symphony and Go Off! before embarking on a successful solo career, which continues to this day due to composing software Becker uses with his eyes.

Yngwie Malmsteen is often heralded as the crowned king of speed, but there’s a man who can outrun Yngwie on a fretboard. Paul Gilbert essentially invented the term “Big in Japan” with Mr. Big, crushing clustered measures with fellow speed freak Billy Sheehan. Watching Gilbert’s fingers fly is truly a thing of beauty.

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