Restaurants all around Genesee County claim to have 'the best wings in town.' Well, there's a new spot in town that makes the same claim but with all the hype we've been seeing lately, we're starting to think they may be telling the truth.

For the past few days, my Facebook feed has been nothing but people talking about how great the wings are at the brand-new Sweetwater Tavern in downtown Flint. The restaurant is not to be confused with the former Sweetwater restaurant in Grand Blanc on Dort Highway and Grand Blanc Road.

Sweetwater Tavern has been known for its authentic homemade food in Detroit for thirty years. They've also been nationally recognized for their popular wings which are said to be the best chicken wings in Michigan. One person on social media said they were the absolute best wings and that nobody in the area even compares. That's a big statement.

People have been driving from Flint to Detroit for years just for their wings that are delivered fresh each morning and marinated for 24 hours in herbs and spices.

What makes their wings so amazing? I have no idea but you can bet I'm going to find out this week when I stop in and try them for the first time. I'm dying to find out what the buzz is all about. Bring on the wings!

It's okay if you're not a chicken wing connoisseur; they have plenty of other dishes to choose from including burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and lots more.

Where is Sweetwater Tavern Located?

Sweetwater Tavern is located in downtown Flint in the former 501 Bar & Grill building.

Sweetwater Tavern Hours

Sweetwater Tavern is open daily from 11 am to 2 am. Don't worry, this isn't a spot that claims to be open until 2 am but sometimes closes early. According to MLive, they never close early.

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