This Tuesday, June 22nd, Michigan COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted. That means people will no longer be required to wear a mask regardless if vaccinated or not, and indoor (bars/restaurants) and outdoor events can operate at full capacity. More people equals more fun right?

If you have been waiting for restrictions to be lifted to go out and enjoy yourself, well my friend it is your time to shine. The Burger Bar & Tap is kicking off 'Flip Night' this Thursday, June 24th.

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What is Flip Night? Flip Night is an opportunity for you to get half off your next beer or cocktail. You will flip a coin - if 'yes' turns up, then yes, you do get half off your next drink. If 'no' turns up - the answer is no, you do not get half off your next drink.

This will be an ongoing event on Thursday's. I think it's an awesome idea. It is no secret that our local restaurants and bars have struggled the last year plus. They need our patronage and the fact that The Burger Bar & Tap is giving us the opportunity to save a few bucks after losing business throughout the pandemic is very cool.

If you work at a local restaurant or bar that is offering incentives or fun theme nights for customers to enjoy, let me know - I will be happy to share the information. I look forward to seeing you at a 'Flip Night' very soon, and do yourself a favor try the Reuben Egg Rolls.

The Burger Bar & Tap is located in the Secretary of State plaza at Hill and Fenton Roads.

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