Don't you love it when you discover an awesome place? Or should I say don't you love it when you discover an awesome local ice cream parlor that sells boozy milkshakes?

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The Scoop of Fenton is now serving booze filled milkshakes and boozie coffee along with countless other tasty treats. I am telling you, this truly is a one of a kind ice cream parlor. You can even get vegan and gluten free ice cream too. I am telling you - there is something for everyone at The Scoop.

The employees yesterday were so awesome to me and my boyfriend Nick. As it was our first time being in the store, we had a lot of questions and they were super informative and helpful. You might think, how many questions could you have at an ice cream parlor, I get it - but there are so many cool treats, we wanted to know everything.

The Scoop features inside seating, as well as an awesome outdoor area. If you are planning on getting a boozie drink, you will have to enjoy it on the premises (makes sense).

The Scoop of Fenton is located downtown Fenton on West Shiawasse (near The Laundry). They are open Monday through Sunday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

I took some pictures when I was there yesterday. The milkshake that Nick is enjoying is called the Cookie Monster (no booze) - he absolutely loved it. If you have kids, they are going to flip out over The Scoop of Fenton.

You can see a list of the boozy milkshakes and more in the pictures below too. They all sound so good. Treat yourself.

The Scoop of Fenton

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