This dude made a hidden fort in the paper towel aisle of a Michigan Walmart, and gave us the most white trash episode of 'MTV Cribs' never filmed.

People living inside of a Michigan Walmart is nothing new. Just last year it was discovered that a woman had been living in the Grand Blanc Walmart after her son evicted her from her home. However, her meager accommodations have nothing on the lavish Walmart crib of Western Michigan University student Matthew McCauley.

McCauley, not only built an impressive hidden fort in the paper towel aisle of the 9th Street Walmart in Kalamazoo, but he gave us a guided tour of his humble abode, MTV Cribs style. Matt's crib has just about everything you'd ever need, from lightsabers to the complete Austin Powers Trilogy.

How someone could put this much work into aisle 21 without being noticed is impressive, but not surprising. Walmart stores are generally pretty big, and almost always understaffed. We can't wait until he does 'Pimp My Ride: Walmart Edition' with a Power Wheels Jeep in the automotive department.

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