Kidnapping alligators is dangerous, but from what we’ve heard, it’s walk in the park compared to doing time within the Michigan prison system. That’s exactly what a couple of Detroit men are finding out, after they were busted by the federal government smuggling alligators and other protected species into Michigan from a protected Florida preserve.

According to reports, the two men are being accused of stealing protected saltwater species and reptiles from Florida and selling them in Michigan to turn a profit. However, the gator swiping culprits brought the heat down on themselves after selling a 6-inch baby alligator for $100 to an undercover federal agent.

A federal indictment states that Richard Perrin and Joseph Franko travelled to Florida several times between 2008 and 2011 to steal a myriad of protected species, including tropical fish, sharks, alligators and sea fans.

The two gator thieves have been charged with conspiracy and they each face up to 10 years in prison - where ultimately, they will become the fish.