Underage drinking has been around for as long as there has been a drinking age, and it's undeniable that it can easily put teenagers in a dangerous situation.  Now, thanks to Michigan governor Rick Snyder, teens who need help in a situation involving alcohol poisoning can go to authorities without fear of punishment. 

Teen drinking seems like an inevitable problem, but thanks to a recent bill signed by Michigan governor Rick Snyder, teens will be able to seek help in emergency situations and not have to worry about trouble with the law.  The bill will go into effect on June 1st and provides amnesty for underage drinkers who seek help for alcohol poisoning for themselves or others.  The law will not provide a get out of jail free card in all situations, such as drinking and driving, but most cases of consumption and possession will be covered.

Teenagers are stupid as hell, and I'm glad this law is going into action.  At first, I thought it was giving teens the green light to drink, but when you look at it, it's a safety issue.  Teens don't know what booze is going to do to them, and don't know when to stop.  Plus, they are trying to impress their peers and trying to live up to the glamorous lifestyles portrayed by celebrities and media.  That all leads up to a lot of binge drinking, which is how alcohol poisoning happens.  If a stupid ass teenager is all worried about getting arrested, they might not act on a serious situation.

I think Governor Snider felt the same way, as he was quoted, perhaps more eloquently than I,

Ensuring the safety of our youth is a priority. Removing the fear of penalty when seeking emergency assistance can help save lives.


Source: MLive.com