Just what exactly do the intercom codes at Walmart mean?

When it comes to shopping in Michigan, almost every person has been to Walmart. Whether you need one item or a week's worth of food, shoppers can find pretty much everything they need there. However, be sure to pay attention to the intercom while you are there.

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When shopping at Walmart, it is definitely a good thing to listen to anything you may hear on the intercom. Walmart has an entire list of codes and numbers used on the intercom to pass information on to its workers. The color code system is definitely something shoppers would want to pay attention to.

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Anytime you are at Walmart and you hear a color code announced on the intercom, you may wonder what it actually means. Well, we are going to break down the seven color codes so you know what to do if you hear one. According to commoncentsmom.com, this is what each color code means.

  • CODE WHITE: An injury, accident, or similar type of incident has occurred within the store.
  • CODE RED: A fire. After the Code Red is announced, a number follows to tell employees where the fire has broken out.
  • CODE ORANGE: A chemical spill. After the Code Orange is announced, a number follows to tell employees where the spill has occured.
  • CODE BLACK: Dangerous or severe weather in the area.
  • CODE BROWN: This code signifies that there is an active shooter on the premises. Safely make your way to the exit if you can, remain calm, and call for help.
  • CODE GREEN: An active hostage situation is taking place.
  • CODE BLUE: A potential bomb threat is happening at the store.

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Thankfully, I personally have never heard any of these codes at Walmart. I have, however, witnessed some pretty crazy things. Once in Florida, a group of about 50 teenagers ran through the door screaming, grabbed as much as they could, and then ran back out. Also, on two separate occasions, I've heard someone fart into the intercom. Stay classy shoppers.

Source: Commoncentsmom.com

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