So Chris and I just did the YWCA walk Friday, now Chrissy is gearing up f or the "Warrior Dash" in Mt. Morris, MI in July.

Chrissy will not be wearing heels, that is for sure.  The "Warrior Dash" is hard core!  You run through mud, jump over cars, tread through water and go through many obstacles.  This is pretty intense, but according to the "Warrior Dash" official website it is "the best frickin' day of your life"!

If you want more info about the dash coming to Mt. Morris in July, click here.

If you are like me and thinking "I cannot do this" spectators are welcome.

If Chris Monroe does compete I will be there cheering him on.  Just kidding, I will be cracking up as he tries to light his cigarette while jumping through fire!

Check out this video of  "Warrior Dash" obstacles: