I don't hate a lot of things but I truly hate the Westboro Baptist Church and everything they stand for. Keep in mind while reading this, my comments are just my opinion.

According to ABC12, Westboro Baptist Church has notified Grand Blanc Community Schools of its intent to protest on Oct. 5's homecoming day. The picket is scheduled for 10:20 to 10:50 a.m. near Grand Blanc High School but not on school grounds.

Why in the hell are these losers picketing outside the school? That's a good question but they haven't released their motive behind their Grand Blanc stop. I'm sure whatever their motive is, it's absolutely insane like their members who all enjoy picketing outside soldiers' funerals. Though we know that's not the case here, it's probably a stab at LGBT rights or something like that.

Grand Blanc isn't the only stop on their agenda, they also plan on picketing outside Southwestern Academy in Flint and outside the University of Michigan-Flint SEJ Annual Conference.

According to the press release on the Westboro Baptist Church website about their stop at Southwestern Academy, they claim: "The condition of these children is very sad; they have no hope, no jobs, no money…only judgment in this life and the next, all because the selfish adults in their lives (parents, preachers, teachers and leaders) have lied to them from the cradle." They went on with a bunch of other mumbo jumbo that doesn't justify their visit one bit.

Look I get it, It's freedom of speech but freakin' come on people, leave the kids out of your goofy agenda. The good thing is, they only picket for like 30 minutes so I guess it's not the end of the world but it still pisses me off.

The school sent out this letter to parents today.

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