The Westboro Baptist Church (aka the "God Hates Fags" church) are always showing up to protest funerals other inappropriate events. The citizens of Moore, Oklahoma weren't having it and chased those bitches right out of town.

Moore, Oklahoma was struck by a deadly tornado last year which claimed the lives of 25 people. So the Westboro Baptist Church decided they would protest at a local school to remind them that the tornado happened because of their sins and acceptance of homosexuality or whatever hateful B.S. they were spewing this time.

Their protest was scheduled for a half hour period at Central Junior High School, but thanks to the good people of Moore those cowards only lasted about eight minutes. In the video below, you can see that the townspeople began crossing the protest lines and were stopped by police. More and more people started following suit and the WBC members, who probably realized the odds of them catching a well-deserved ass beating was increasing exponentially by the second, decided to collectively tuck tail and run. That's a win for the good guys. Well done, Moore, Oklahoma.

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