Looks like the Westboro Baptist Church is back at it again, this time at Michigan State University.  I rarely ever get into religious debates or arguments with people but I would love to have a conversation with these guys

Westboro Baptist Church

.  I'm sure if they speak the way they do on their website as they do in person, that would be the world's most confusing conversation ever.  Find out what they have planned after the jump.

Well, to be honest, after reading their website I still have no idea what they are protesting on Monday.  They only thing I got out of their plans was that they don't like schools nowadays.

After Doomed america runs their children through the sausage grinders called high schools in the land, they pump them into the Universities where Seats of Scorn and Chairs of Scorning have been endowed and degrees of Rebellion are passed out like candy. You teach Rebellion 101, 201, 301 and 401 then you have advanced degrees. All toward the end that you blot the Word of God OFF the landscape. Silly rebels.

It seems like you need the Trix cereal rabbit, a storm trooper and a book of bad analogies to decode this message.  Feel free to try and decode this message yourself here. I think we need to start protesting their awful parodies of pop songs to prove their point.

If you are in the Lansing and/or Mt. Pleasant area on Monday, here is where they will be.  Eastern Lansing High School from 7:15am to 7:45am.  The Union at MSU from 8:15am to 8:45am.  Then off to CMU to protest from 2pm to 6:15pm.  Check out the full article here at mlive.

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