This video fills me with so much rage. I can't stand parking lots and the people in them.

This lady made a trip to her local Home Depot and parked her car in the worst of ways. I understand that sometimes it is not easy to get directly between the lines in a crowded parking lot. However, if you end up in this position, there is an easy fix for it. Step one put your car in reverse. Step two, back up enough so you can then adjust and fit in the spot properly. Step three, pat yourself on the back for being a decent human being that considers that other people are in the world too.

The part that makes this woman such a horrible person is when she decides to yell at the car next to her for being too close and demanding that he move. The rage and anxiety that comes over me when I make my way into parking lots is insane. People make my brain hurt in times like this one.

Source: FBHW