It's hard to believe that this gorgeous mid-century home in Flint is on the market for only $180K.

Earlier today, people were sharing photos of a Flint home on social media which quickly caught my attention. I didn't think much of it until I saw the price tag. I couldn't believe that a home this beautiful was only $180K.

If you were to buy this home, your estimated monthly mortgage payments would be roughly $1,200. Some people are paying at least that just to rent a home or apartment.

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While the home was built in 1957, there have been a number of updates over the year. The kitchen and dining room were renovated in 2018, and the second bath was renovated to incorporate a shower in 2021.

Zillow Listing:

The home has been completely restored by two talented designers, offering an exquisite blend of original charm and modern elegance. Designed by the renowned local architect S.A. Nurmi in 1957.


One of the things that caught my eye right away was the beautifully landscaped yard. For a home that sits in the city, it sure has lots of privacy with all the surrounding trees. It even has a cool little in-ground fireplace.

Flint Home For Only $180K

Where is This Home Located?

This 1,782-square-foot home is located at 1771 Brookside Drive in Flint. It sits in the heart of Flint's College Cultural Neighborhood which is home to the Flint Cultural Center.

While it's hard to believe a home of this caliber is under $200,000, you'll find it even hard to believe after you see the photos below.

Gorgeous Mid-Century Modern Home in Flint is Only $180K

Located at 1771 Brookside Drive in Flint, this mid-century modern home is currently on the market and people are shocked that it's only going for $180K.

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