Last week, Slayer delivered the news of their impeding retirement following a 2018 farewell tour. To pay our respects to the heaviest ‘Big Four’ band, we’ve put together these 13 Unforgettable Slayer Moments.

When Slayer began in 1981, their intention was to be the most extreme metal band on earth. They succeeded, despite the fact that frontman Tom Araya had no idea what metal was when he was recruited to join Slayer. In a vintage interview, Araya describes how Kerry King introduced him to the genre, spinning vinyl from a little band called Iron Maiden.

You’ll see plenty of Jeff Hanneman footage in this compilation, as Slayer’s primary riff master was the driving force behind the band’s malevolent leads. Along with live footage of Hanneman crushing “Raining Blood” and “World Painted Blood” live, you’ll see interview footage of the six-string master describing why he prefers club gigs to arenas and stadiums. We also included part of Kerry King’s speech at Hanneman’s 2013 public memorial service.

Of course, we couldn’t forget drumming colossus Dave Lombardo, who served Slayer during the band’s most creatively prosperous periods. We used one of our own ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ segments to showcase Lombardo explaining how he met Kerry King when the guitarist was mowing his lawn. We also couldn’t let this list go by without including Lombardo’s sickest drum break ever… you know the one.

Check out these 13 Unforgettable Slayer Moments in the Loud List above.

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