Out with the old and in with the new. Now that we are officially into 2019, here are some new gadgets to look forward to.

Now granted I have not done a lot of research into the new tech for the year, it seems like this guy did. Marques Brownlee made a new video for his YouTube channel talking about upcoming tech that he has come across that will be out this year.

If you are the type to try to stay up to date on technology, here are some good one. He starts out his list with the new Samsung Galaxy 10 phones. As I just switched back to the Galaxy phones from an iPhone, I'm happy to see a new version that will be coming out this year.

Marques also briefly gets into the new iPhone, Mac Pro 2, and Tesla cars. Also, in case you are unfamiliar with CES. CES is a huge technology show set to take place in Vegas next week. The big topic that will be unveiled and explained this year will be the new 5G coverage for cell networks. You can get more details on CES here. 

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