Last night, an Amtrak train collided with an SUV at the intersection of 12th Street and Van Slyke in Flint.

The Amtrak Blue Water Train line runs from Port Huron to Chicago and back every day. It is a great way to get around Michigan or take a trip to Chicago. My friends and I recently took this very train to Chicago for the Foo Fighters show at Wrigley Field.

Unfortunately, last night there was an accident with the train and an SUV. The Blue Water train collided with the SUV while heading eastbound on its way into the Flint station. The collision shut down the intersection of 12th Street and Van Slyke Road while officials investigated the situation.

There was no immediate word on any injuries with either passengers or anyone in the SUV. After the investigation, the train was able to continue on and arrived at the Flint station around 11:45 pm last night.

Hopefully, all involved are okay.

Source: ABC 12

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